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1 Gal. @ $37.95

Soothing Blend
Essential Oil

1/2 oz. @ $13.50

Effleurage has been distributing quality Essential Oils;
Carrier Oils; and our skin conditioning Seven Oil Blend since 1991.

We are a dedicated source for the highest quality, 100% pure, professional strength aromatherapy-grade essential oils and our specifically formulated for skin hydration and conditioning, Seven Oil Blend Massage and Body Oil. Please browse our Web site for our Aromatherapy Blends, Gift Sets and Sale Items.
We not only formulate custom aromatherapy blends for individuals, but also other companies. Effleurage takes pride in providing personalized service, so whether you're buying for yourself, your store, spa or clinic, we look forward to hearing from you. That's why my personal e-mail address is right here on our Home Page.
If you have any questions or comments we are only a toll-free phone call away.
Effleurage makes Wholesale Pricing available to those wishing to purchase our quality products in bulk or quantity.
We ask you to call our 888.333.5563 Toll-Free number (West Coast time) so we can answer your questions.
If you have any difficulties navigating the site or completing your order, please call our 888.333.5563 Toll-Free number.
We'll be happy to help you.

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Seven Oil Blend
Variety Set
four 4oz. bottles
$11.95 per set

Refreshing Blend
Essential Oil

1/2 oz. @ $12.95

Exotic Blend
Essential Oil

1/2 oz. @ $14.95

Energy Blend
Essential Oil

1/2 oz. @ $15.95

S A L E   I T E M S

100% Pure Effleurage
Sweet Orange Essential Oil

100% Pure Effleurage
Clove Bud Essential Oil

½ Gal. @ $19.95
Effleurage Seven Oil
Unscented Blend
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S A L E   I T E M S

100% Pure Effleurage
Lemon Essential Oil

100% Pure Effleurage
Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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